Reasons Why Trademark Registration is Advantageous for Your Business

A trademark connotes several aspects, from being a brand name or service mark that is composed of any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination of these things mentioned, and it is used with the intention of one seller to distinguish its goods or services from others, and thus indicates the sources where the goods or services originate from.

The most cost effective and fastest way for a business to secure its identity, its commercial advantage and its market position is through trademark registration. By using trademarks, the intellectual property rights of businesses are secured, however, many business owners fail to recognize this importance. With trademark registration, an owner is granted with a bundle of exclusive rights applicable only to the business. It is good therefore for a business to know of a few legal and commercial advantages of trademark registration.

The first way to protect the rights of your brand is to register your trademark through a logo or name and this gives you exclusivity as your main benefit. Through trademark registration, the official ownership of the brand is verified and will prevent others from using a similar mark or related goods and services that can be confusing and a match to what your company has. There is basically a provision on your part an unlimited protection from incidents of misrepresentation and breach of intellectual property rights.

By registering your mark, you are in effect announcing to the world that your own the trademark rights, and this is another important reason behind the trademark registration. In essence therefore, if you found anybody violating your rights, you can automatically rightfully sue the person. It would be easy for you also to seek the proper legal action in a federal court to a third party, who, without your consent, uses your trademark.

Another benefit you will get by registering your trademark is in the increase of your business reputation because by promoting your brand at the early stage, you are enhancing the success of your business. By securing your brand by trademark registration, you have a powerful and remarkable brand that has a legal foundation which is reliable for the reputation of your business to build upon in the market. By registering your brand, the life span of your business increases that would lead to the trust of your establishment among your customers.

Beneficial for your company is a nationwide priority, and this could probably be the most important advantage of registering the trademark. The advantages of a nationwide priority would be a provision of trademark protection in an extensive condition, you can get exclusive ownership of trademark nationwide, and as protection of your priority date for your trademark’s security.

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